The history of CELEMI dates back to 2002, when I started working professionally in the cosmetics market, attending the largest cosmetics exhibitions in the world and visiting cosmetics development laboratories in Europe. I have noticed that, although there are a lot of different and high-quality cosmetics, customers ask the same questions year after year, which reveals that for the most part it is still difficult to find products that really meet their expectations.

That is, how do you choose cosmetics that really work?

I'll start with a statement.

All cosmetics are worthless.

A bold statement for a cosmetics brand? Maybe. But it is the truth, the CELEMI truth.

Allow me to explain.

The main problem is the LACK OF DISCIPLINE. Even the highest quality cosmetics become valuable only when they are used with discipline. Lack of discipline also forms bad skin and hair care habits, which if not eliminated, deems all cosmetics worthless. Obviously, those who want to achieve long-term results, want to have healthy, shiny hair, younger, clear skin for as long as possible, will need to make some effort. As W.B. Yeats said, “Beauty requires effort, and poets and women know this well.”

DISCIPLINE is the most important, fundamental term defining CELEMI's philosophy.

Justė Pinkevičienė, author of the CELEMI idea