We create with discipline.

Each CELEMI product is created in accordance with the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. The most talented professionals in each new product category are involved in its development. This highly rigorous development process is what we refer to as DISCIPLINE.

CELEMI face masks were developed at a cutting-edge cosmetics laboratory founded in 1996 that holds a leading position not only in France but also in Europe. It is one of the most respected and accredited cosmetics laboratories in Europe for sheet face masks.

"Approximately 10% of our staff are part of the product development department, so we not only create new products, but also shape new trends in the skincare sector," says the company's president.

All ingredients used in the production process are 100% sourced from France. The manufacturer strictly adheres to quality control and currently delivers its products to more than 40 countries around the world. The criteria that guided the selection of this manufacturer for the production of CELEMI face and neck masks included quality, innovation, and expertise in the field of face masks.

The mask's actual creation took more than a year. "In order to give women who use the CELEMI mask the best results possible, special attention was paid to the selection of ingredients and the use of a suitable base,” Kira Marthic, Export Project Manager comments on the creative process.

Biocellulose was selected as the material for the CELEMI mask's base because it is not only very thin but also made entirely of natural components. Biocellulose was initially created for medical use to treat extremely sensitive burnt skin, and it wasn't until much later that its use in the production of cosmetic products was realized due to its efficiency in calming, moisturizing, and repairing damaged skin.

"As one of the most cutting-edge and effective materials used for face masks, biocellulose was the base material we chose for the CELEMI face and neck mask. It is especially valued for its exceptional healing and skin-regenerating qualities. It is created with the help of biotechnology and is obtained from coconut water through a natural fermentation process. Because of its superior absorbency and ideal skin adhesion, biocellulose is significantly more effective than other sheet masks. It provides the skin with exceptional comfort and is natural, refreshing, and eco-friendly,” says the expert representing the manufacturer.

Because every detail counts in DISCIPLINE, the CELEMI face and neck mask is:

  • Produced in the best laboratory in France;
  • Solves one of the most prevalent DISCIPLINE issues by treating not only the face but also the neck area, which frequently shows signs of aging and is often forgotten;
  • Based on biocellulose, the best material available;
  • Infused with an innovative serum that has active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, aloe vera extract, and the patented Fucogel to give your skin the maximum amount of hydration so that it can look gorgeous, radiant, calmed, and hydrated.
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